Chapter 15 Parallel World (2024)

In this chapter, MC goes to persuade the other 3 Royal Knights: Sleipmon, Gankoomon, Magnamon.

Persude Sleipmon/Kentaurosmonat Eden 5

Sleipmon moves around too fast for any of you to catch, therefore unable to have a proper conversation.
Mirei can bring you to a parallel world to find a UlforceVeedramon, but she needs two items “Will of Harmony” and “Will of Steel”.

Persude Magnamon – Shibuya

Head to Shibuya, and use Stealth Hide. Enter the railway station (the purple area)

Clear the dungeon and obtain Will of Harmony

Persude Gankoomon at Ueno

Go to Ueno and watch the cutscene.

Head to the Zoo area, use Stealth Hide once again and enter the area.

Clear the dungeon and obtain Will of Steel

Go back to the DigiLab and talk to Mirei, who will need some time to prepare before she brings you to a parallel world. Talk to Ryota for yet another part time job at spirit hunting

Head to Cron 1 and talk to these people

Return to office and accept this new quest ” Yuuko and Yuugo”

Head to Central Hospital

Talk to the nurse

After the conversation, head to Cron 1

Find this hacker and use the keyword, then head to Cron 2
Once at Cron 2, walk in a bit and approach Yuuko

Boss fight

Quest complete.

Go back to Mirei, who will send you to a parallel world. You will be sent to the Shinjuku railway Digital Shift. Clear the dungeon.

With UlforceVeedramon, head back to Eden 5Go to Eden 5 and fight Sleiphmon

Head to Asakusa Digital Shift

Clear the area like usual. Fight with humanoid type Eater, so bring in Dot Recovery (ドットリカバリー)

Chapter 15 done!

The search for the Royal Knights begin. Kyouko found them at 4 locations, Shibuya, Odaiba, Ueno, and Eden. MC is supposed to persuade the Royal Knights to join your cause to eliminate just the Eaters, and not the entire Human World. This what happens in each of the scenarios

Gankoomon: MC finds Gankoomon at Ueno with his disciple, Hackmon, who wants to train even harder and join the Royal Knights. Gankoomon tells Hackmon that he is missing something, and after MC approaches Gankoomon for help, Gankoomon asks to allow Hackmon to train with MC before he’s willing to help, and goes off. Hackmon dislikes the idea of working with a human, and claims that he will defeat Bancholeomon by himself and runs off.

MC finds Bancholeomon in Ueno’s Digial Shift, and Hackmon trying to fight against Bancholeomon but failing. MC and Hackmon groups up to battle Bancholeomon, who continuously goads MC and Hackmon into fighting with their utmost potential (in the battle, Bancholeomon buffs MC and Hackmon for a few turns before retaliating).

After the battle is won, Hackmon digivoles into Jesmon, and agrees to help MC. After MC and Jesmon leaves, Gankoomon shows up, and helps a (almost deleted) Bancholeomon. Evidently the two was working together to get Hackmon togain experience of working with humans.

Magnamon: MC finds Magnamon in Shibuya’s Digital Shift, and admits that he is in doubts over whether the Human World should be destroyed just to protect his own world. After arriving in the Human World, Magnamon sees that there are evildoers using Digimon for their own purposes. But when he heard MC’s plead to save both the worlds by only eliminating the Eaters, Magnamon stopped to think again which side to take, and questions “Which is the true nature of humans?” Magnamon also reveals that while escaping from the Eaters in the Digital World, he brought along some young Digimon, but got separated in the chaos. Magnamon worries greatly for the young ones, and vowed to never forgive humans if anything happens to them. Nokia shows up just at the right time with Lopmon and Tokomon (whom which you previously brought back together). Magnamon is please to see the Digimon he got separated with safe and sound. After a bit more persuasion from Omegamon, Magnamon agrees to help MC. Dynasmon tries to get Magnamon back on his side, but Magnamon refuses to hurt those who saved the young Digimon, even if it means going against the will of Yggdrasil. Magnamon helps to fight off Dynasmon and joins your cause.

Sleipmon:When MC first approaches Sleipmon, Sleipmon moves around too fast to be able to make a proper conversation with. Back at Office, Omegamon says that they would have to bring someone who is faster enough to keep up, which will be Ulforceveedramon. However, both Omegamon and Kyouko are unable to detect traces of Ulforeveedramon. Omegamon thinks thatUlforeveedramon might have been trapped in time space while travelling between the 2 world. Kyouko suggest getting a Ulforeveedramon from a Parallel World. MC approaches Mirei, who uses the Will of Harmony and Will of Steel (Obtained from Magnamon and Bancholeomon) to summon Mystimon, and opens up a portal to a parallel world, and meets Rina (player character from Re:Digitize). Rina’s partnet Digimon is Veemon, and claims that his power has been stolen by Barbamon. After MC helps to defeat Barbamon and Veemon regains his powers, he digivolves back intoUlforeveedramon, and joins the MC. After the battle against Sleipmon withUlforeveedramon, Sleipmon joins Rina andUlforeveedramon to discover whether Humans should all be destroyed or if there is any good left in this world.

Meanwhile, Yuuko invites MC to see her older brother, Yuugo, lying asleep in Eden Coma in the hospital. Yuuko decides to delete the Yuugo avatar so she will have no more relation to Kishibe, and Kishibe will not be able to use the Yuugo avatar to rally Zaxon Hackers. However, Yuuko could not delete the Yuugo avatar, and finds that it is active. After some investigation, Yuuko receives a manage from ‘Yuugo’. They travel to Avalon server, and finds Yuugo (i shall call him White Yuugo due to his hair) there. White Yuugo explains that due to the way White Yuugo is constructed (an Avatar made by a person’s memories, but also able to ideas planted by Kishibe; and also being active with Yuuko), White Yuugo developed his own artificial personality, and has taken control of this Avatar. White Yuugo refuses to be deleted as he was also created to protect Eden (albeit in an evil way) . White Yuugo notes that Risegreymon has chosen Yuuko, and battles them with Mugendramon. After defeating White Yuugo, Risegreymon evolves into Gaioumon.

Ida calls for help for a appearance of monsters in Asakusa area. MC rushes over, only to find Arata there absorbing an Eater and gaining a Eater-like arm. Dukemon rushes over after sense the odd presence, and tries to take down Arata but fails. Arata escapes and Dukemon gives chase.

At the meeting in the cafe, Yuuko managed to trace Kishibe/Lordknightmon’s IP location to be at Odaiba, possibly awaiting Examon to settle down before bringing Examon over to their side. The team decides to confront Examon at Odaiba.

Chapter 15 Parallel World (2024)
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