How to Reset Doordash Acceptance Rate: An Ultimate Guide - 2024 Ultimate Guide For Dashers (2024)

How to Reset Doordash Acceptance Rate is one of the more perplexing questions that some Dashers have concerning DoorDash. if you are a dasher and you are interested in how you can reset doordash acceptance rate, then this post is for you.

DoorDash monitors many metrics for every Dasher. These consist of your customer ratings, acceptance rate, completion rate, and delivery rate—how often you deliver on time and early. Customer ratings are obviously important (DoorDash explicitly warns you that you could be deactivated if your rating falls too low). Completion rate is also important. Furthermore, according to DoorDash, if your completion rate falls too low, you may be deactivated.

But acceptance rate is a different matter. Your acceptance rate actually doesn’t matter. You do not run the risk of being deactivated if you choose to have a low acceptance rate. We’ll discuss the DoorDash acceptance rate in this post, along with why it is not tooimportant.

What Is DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

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Your acceptance rate is one of the variables that DoorDash monitors in the Dasher app. The amount of orders you accepted out of your previous 100 delivery requests is known as your acceptance rate. In other words, if your acceptance percentage is 50%, you have approved 50 out of the last 100 delivery requests.

Keep in mind that your acceptance rate and completion rate are not the same. The quantity of delivery requests you accept and successfully accomplish is referred to as your completion rate.

That indicates that you were sent a delivery request, which you granted, but in the end you were unable to finish the order either because you canceled it or for some other reason.

It’s critical to remember the differences between these two metrics. That’s because it DOES matter when it comes to completion rate. Your DoorDash acceptance rate, however, is irrelevant.

It Does Not Matter What Your DoorDash Acceptance Rate Is, It is irrelevant what your DoorDash acceptance rate is. DoorDash’s Dasher policiesclearly make this very clear. In fact, you can see this chart on their website that details the minimal needs for every statistic.

As you can see, DoorDash makes it clear that no minimum acceptance rate is necessary. This also makes sense logically. Dashers have the freedom to accept or decline any delivery requests made to them because they are independent contractors. This is something DoorDash must accomplish, or else they run the risk of controlling Dashers too much and having them categorized as employees. Dashers are free to accept or reject any delivery requests submitted to them because they do not want to do this. As a result, there is no minimum acceptance rate required.

On the other hand, DoorDash might make your completion rate significant because, once an order is approved, you are virtually committing to completing it. If you don’t finish it, it’s similar to breaking the terms of the contract because you agreed to the order then changed your mind.

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Acceptance rate is only significant when attempting to achieve Top Dasher status. You must continue to maintain high completion rates (95% or more) and high customer ratings (4.7 or above) in order to be eligible for Top Dasher rank. Additionally, you must keep your acceptance rate at 70% or above.

This acceptance rate criteria is the reason I don’t think obtaining Top Dasher statusis worthwhile. You’re probably taking orders that are not profitable for you or that are not worth executing if you’re taking 70% of orders. Being a Dasher basically makes you a smallbusiness. You must behave as oneand only acceptorders that make sense to you.

Having said that, there may be instances in which having Top Dasher status is required. Perhaps you need to keep your acceptance rate high if you operate in a market where the advantages of being a Top Dasher make sense that is, if you operate in a market where you can’t dash unless you make an appointment beforehand.

However, the vast majority of users will not find the benefits of Top Dasher status worthwhile, hence the DoorDash acceptance percentage is meaningless.

How to Reset Doordash Acceptance Rate

Tap the link in your email (you must be the recipient of the communication) or the link in your app to reset your acceptance rate. Then, fill out the reset form by the specified deadline. As soon as the processing of your acceptance rate reset is complete, you will receive a confirmation.

Priority Orders for DoorDash

A new twist has been added to DoorDash, though it’s unclear how this will affect your orders and your ability to get paid through DoorDash.

Recently, DoorDash launched a service that grants priority access to higher-paying orders to eligible Dashers. All of these orders, according to DoorDash, pay $2 or more per mile. You must have an acceptance rate of at least 50% and a customer rating of at least 4.5 in order to be eligible for priority access to these orders.

In particular, DoorDash states that it will “break the tie in favor of prioritized Dashers like you if there are multiple Dashers nearby who can take on one of these offers.”

DoorDash frequently sends offers to qualified Dashers with the ability to reset their acceptance rate, so don’t worry if your acceptance rate is too low. If getting priority access or access to the Top Dasher program is important to you, it can be worthwhile to undertake.

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we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other Company’s acceptance rate, you can checkour websitesfor more information.


How to Reset Doordash Acceptance Rate: An Ultimate Guide - 2024 Ultimate Guide For Dashers (2024)
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