One New Mega Evolution in Pokemon Legends Z-A is a Given (2024)


  • Mega Evolutions make a comeback in Pokemon Legends Z-A, breaking a tradition and uniting fans in excitement after Gen 9 games.
  • Fans hope for Mega Charizard Z in Pokemon Legends Z-A, a missing piece that ties back to Gen 6 and completes the "trilogy".
  • With a potential Mega Charizard Z, the urban setting of Kalos in the future offers exciting possibilities for new Pokemon evolutions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet marked one of the most divisive entries in the series for several reasons, but Gen 9 games united many fans under one banner, and that was the possibility of having Mega Evolutions back given the real-world vicinity between Spain and France. While that wish didn't come true with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the recently announced Pokemon Legends Z-A is bringing Mega Evolutions back for the first time since Gen 6, breaking a massive tradition in the meantime. Since Pokemon Legends Z-A will have Mega Evolutions, it would likely be seen as a missed opportunity not to add new ones, and if that is the case, it only makes sense that Mega Charizard gets its missing piece.

When Gen 6 came out, it only seemed natural that Pokemon Z would be released at some point to complete the trilogy, especially with Zygarde being a key Legendary critter in the story of Kalos. However, that third game or possible sequel never came, and over ten years later, most fans had lost all hope. Enter Pokemon Legends Z-A, not only seemingly acting as the third Gen 6 game that never was, but also bringing back one of the most beloved gimmicks in the franchise with Mega Evolutions.


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Pokemon as a franchise has been around since 1996, and now the latest announcements from Pokemon Day seem to suggest a big streak will be broken.

Pokemon Legends Z-A Should Honor The Rumored Pokemon Z in a Big Way

Why Pokemon Legends Z-A Needs to Add a New Mega Evolution For Charizard

If Pokemon Legends Z-A is the Pokemon Z game that fans have always wanted, then it seems only natural that it features a bunch of new Mega Evolutions for some Pokemon that never had one. However, Charizard was one of the very few that at the time got two different Mega Evolutions exclusive to their respective versions of the game, featuring Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. This treatment was only reserved for Charizard and Mewtwo, and now that Pokemon Z is pretty much a reality, it wouldn't make sense to back down and not feature a new Mega Charizard Z.

It would admittedly be fanservice to have yet another special form of Charizard, especially seeing how it was also the very first 7-star Tera Raid boss in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it even had a dedicated GMax form in Gen 8 games. There is no denying that Charizard is one of the most beloved pocket monsters in the series, and the recent anime series inspired by Gen 9 proves as much by featuring it yet again. Pokemon games haven't been particularly timid about this with recent releases, so a Mega Charizard Z in Pokemon Legends Z-A seems like a given now.

What a Mega Charizard Z Could Look Like in Pokemon Legends Z-A

Mega Charizard Z Has Plenty of Inspiration to Draw From in Legends Z-A

It's hard to say what a new Mega Evolution for Charizard could look like, seeing how dramatically different Mega Charizard X and Y are. Still, with the prospect of Pokemon Legends Z-A's Kalos being set in the future and having a main focus on urban redevelopment, Mega Charizard Z could very well look something like the recently added future Paradox Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In that case, it could have Fire and Steel as its types, a combination that is currently only used by Heatran.

Regardless of its design, Pokemon Legends Z-A seems like the perfect place to finally complete the trinity with Mega Charizard Z, not only tying back to Kalos' roots, but also making good on what some fans saw as a broken promise. It's equally likely that a Mega Charizard Z would mean a Mega Mewtwo Z is also added, but it doesn't seem like a farfetched thought considering how Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gave two Paradox versions to Donphan and Volcarona. If anything, Pokemon Legends Z-A's setting can further influence what sort of critters Mega Evolve in Kalos and what these peculiar evolutions are, and Mega Charizard Z could make sense even from a lore standpoint.

One New Mega Evolution in Pokemon Legends Z-A is a Given (2)
Pokemon Legends Z-A

The sequel to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Legends: Z-A takes Pokemon trainers back to the Kalos region's Lumiose City.


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One New Mega Evolution in Pokemon Legends Z-A is a Given (2024)
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