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Vicky Stark is popular and widely known for her fishing skills. She was born in Florida in USA on 5th August 1985. Her famous partnerships include partnering with brand like “One One Swimmer” and another brand named “Smith Optics.”

Vicky Stark gained fame in a short span of time. She is known for her model looks and fishing expertise. She is a stunning model on Instagram who poses with unique fish with a victorious smile on her face. Her unique photos are the reason why people love and support her.

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Quick Bio and Wiki

If you are wondering about Vicky Stark, we have some information for you about her life and other information that might interest you. This table includes all of the information about herself and her lifestyle which includes her profession, marital status, weight and height etc.

Real Name (Full Name)Vicky Stark
Height1.70 m
WeightApprox. 52 kg
Nick NameVicky
Waist32 inches
AchievementsEndorsing brands like “Smith Optics” “G Loomis” “One One Swimmer”
Date of Birth5 August, 1985
Age37 years
Zodiac SignLeo
Birth PlaceFlorida
Current ResidenceMiami, Florida
High SchoolNot revealed
OccupationFish expert
Net worthAround $3 million
Annual incomeUnder Review
FatherNot known
MotherNot known
BrotherNot known
SisterNot known
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse(s)In a relationship with Captain Ryan Eidelstein
Last Updated2022

Birthday and Age

The model and fish expert was born in Florida, USA on 5 August, 1985. According to the year, she is now 37 years old. Her zodiac sign is Leo which shows in her personality. She is fun-loving, an adventure lover and super stunning model who poses with fish.

Height and Weight

Her height is about 1.7 m which makes her about 5 feet and 5 inches. She might not be a very tall person but she is indeed stunning and photogenic. She has a weight of approx. 52 kg which makes her figure look fit. She has brown hair and brown eyes which make her extremely interesting to look at.

Vicky Stark Net Worth

Despite being a fish expert, Vicky Stark’s marketing skills have helped her make a large fortune. Her annual income from every video is around $902 to $2,790. Vicky Stark’s net worth is around $3 million which is a huge sum of money.

Early Life

Vicky Stark was born in Florida, USA. She was brought up in Florida and still lives there. She graduated from college but the name of the college is not confirmed. Vicky is an American citizen and her ethnicity is white. She has not mentioned about her early life or her family in any of her videos.

Career Achievements

Vicky Stark became a social media celebrity in a short amount of time gaining attention from the viewers with unique pictures. The fish expert and social media model has endorsed brands that are famous for their work in the fishing market. Vicky Stark has endorsed famous brands like, “Smith Optics” “G Loomis” “One One Swimmer.”

Vicky Stark’s fame was gained through social media especially, Instagram. The social media star is famous for her unique poses with fish. She poses with giant fish which makes her audience love her more because of how passionate she is about fishing. Vicky Stark’s posts on Instagram are a treat to eyes because she is super stunning and her passion in fishing makes her even more attractive.

Relationship and Dating

Vicky Stark is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Captain Ryan Eidelstein. She was single for a very long time until she started dating her current boyfriend. The couple posts cute photos together on Instagram. Vicky Stark made things official when she posted a picture of the two of them together posing with a giant fish on 27 April 2019.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

Vicky Stark has no children and she is unmarried. However she is in a relationship with captain Ryan Eidelstein. There is no such mention of her family including her parents and siblings. Vicky likes to keep her personal life private and only focus on her showing her fishing abilities and modelling on social media.


Vicky Stark does not have a controversy to her name. However, people call her sexy babe for posting pictures on Instagram wearing a bikini and holding giant fish.

Fun Facts

  1. Vicky Stark is a very private person. Despite the fact that she is a social media model, she still prefers to keep things private and focus on showing her expertise.
  2. Vicky is fond of outdoors. There is no doubt about the fact that Vicky loves everything outdoors. That is why she chose fishing as her profession.
  3. Vicky Stark has worked earlier with peaco*ck bass adventures.
  4. Vicky used her fishing expertise to catch several fish in Bahamas.
  5. Vicky can do fly fishing, regular fishing. These are her hobbies and she has dedicated her life towards fishing and travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vicky Stark

Q1. What is Vicky Stark’s net worth?

Vicky Stark’s net worth is about $3 million, making her a well-earned social media model.

Q2. Who is Vicky Stark dating?

Vicky Stark is currently dating Captain Ryan Eidelstein. She was single for a long time before she met him.

Q3. What is Vicky Stark’s Instagram account?

Vicky Stark’s Instagram account is @vickystark.

Q4. Who is Vicky Stark?

Vicky Stark is a fish expert and an Instagram model.

Q5. What is Vicky Stark’s age?

Vicky was born on 5 August 1985, so her age is currently 37 years.

Final Thoughts on Vicky Stark

Vicky Stark gained fame because of her passion. You can see enthusiasm in her eyes when she is holding a giant fish in her hands, posing in front of the camera.

Her modeling skills and social media posts made her famous because she is passionate about what she is doing which make people look up to her.

She is not only an Instagram model and a fishing expert. She is also a true inspiration for people who are trying to discover their passion. Her photos are inspirational and stunning as well!

If you have been looking for some information regarding Vicky Stark here is all the important information you must know! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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Vicky Stark Biography: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and More - Inbloon (2024)
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