Vicky Stark: Interesting Facts You Should Know (2024)

Vicky Stark is an influencer on various social media platforms and a famous fishing expert. She is from South Florida and was born on August 5, 1985. Her fame started after sharing videos and photos of herself catching fish on YouTube and Instagram, which went viral.

As a result, Stark obtained sponsorship from different brands, including Smith Optics, G. Loomis, and OneOne Swimwear. She was also featured in the Daily Mail on their site, spotlighting her fishing expertise. Moreover, in 2019, Stark had the chance to be part of the Sportsman Channel.

Aside from being an expert, Stark is involved in running businesses related to fishing. She has an online shop that sells different fishing equipment, like sinkers, lines, hooks, etc.

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Vicky Stark’s Bio

Early Life

Stark does not share much about her family background and education in her online posts. However, her mother appeared at least once in an Instagram post, where they went on a voyage together.

Vicky Starks’ Relationship and Personal Life

Stark is not very open about her relationships and personal life. However, in 2019, she did share a photo with Captain Ryan Eidelstein. She admittedly said “yes” to one of her fans who asked if they were dating, though she seemed sarcastic.

The celebrity has many photos together with Ryan Eidelstein. Eidelstein has been fishing for more than 20 years and is also a real estate agent. Neither of them has responded to questions about their real connection.

According to Stark, she and Ryan shared several priceless memories. Both appear to be very close in Stark’s social media accounts, so it is evident that they are good friends. They have been seen on several travel expeditions. However, rumors began about them from their fishing crew when Stark started sharing photos of her and Eidelstein. Yet not one of them confirms to be genuinely dating.

Vicky Stark’s Fishing

Vicky Stark already loved fishing since she was a kid, fishing together with her loved ones. For that reason, her passion for fishing slowly grew and led her to the ocean. She opened her expertise in her YouTube channel in 2011, where she started posting content about fishing. The following year, she started posting her activities on Instagram as well.

She gained many followers in 2016 when she posted photos of holding a massive fish while wearing a bikini. The year after that, she was featured in Daily Mail.

Stark often shares about her trips to different locations for her fishing activities. She posted content about her journey to places such as San Lucan, Venice, and Miami, where she could catch different fish species. Moreover, she also shares content about her fishing with her fishing friends.

Not only do her photos show her fishing skills, but also her shapely and beautiful body. That is one of the main reasons why she gained a large number of followers on social media.

Her YouTube videos, “Bikini Bowfishing for my BIRTHDAY!!!!” and “MY Personal Biggest Permit caught FLATS Fishing,” gained a sum of over 40 million views. Stark continues to be active on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Today, she often travels with her fishing friends.

Amidst her success, Stark also faced several challenges when sharing her experiences with the public. Some people bash her fishing techniques, while others say she only uses all her posts to show off her body.

As a personality, her approach is unique. She catches different kinds of fish while flaunting her fit body. Recently, she caught a giant triggerfish in Florida.

Net Worth

Vicky Stark’s estimated net worth is about $250,000. Most of her earnings come from sponsorship deals, fishing, and social media involvement.

Platforms and Career

Vicky Stark’s career on YouTube started in 2017. She uploaded her first content titled “Two girls Fishing in Cabo San Lucas.” In August 2018, her channel gained many viewers and subscribers after sharing a video titled “Bikini Bowfishing for my BIRTHDAY!!!!,” which earned over ten million viewers.

As her fame grew through social media, she started to get sponsorships from prominent brands to advertise their items through her profiles. Her involvement with endorsem*nts and sponsorships continues to grow, and recently, she started fishing in the Caribbean, together with Peaco*ck Bass Adventures.


Her Facebook page is called “Vicky Stark Fishing,” which she created to gain more viewers and followers. Currently, her page has more than 140 thousand followers.


On Instagram, Vicky Stark posted several clips displaying her expertise and sexy swimwear. She opened her account in 2012. Since then, she has continued to gain followers and popularity and has more than 200 thousand followers. She also has another profile in Patreon, where only subscribers can access content, exclusively.


As mentioned earlier, Stark launched her YouTube account in 2011 but only started to post videos in 2017. Later on, she used the platform to share lengthy videos. Currently, she has more than 500 thousand subscribers and more than 100 videos.

Final Word

Last August 2021, Vicky Stark turned 36 years old. As mentioned, her career and popularity began when she posted videos of catching a massive fish in Florida, while in a bikini. Presently, she continues to upload videos on YouTube and currently has over 80 million views in total.

Her latest video was last July 2021, titled “Catching Barramundi to sell to the Fish Market,” with over 100 thousand views. In the video, she was fishing with Bryon and Kim Hennecy, to catch Barramundi over five pounds, on a lake and sell it to the market. They caught about 15 fish before they went off to sell them.

Ever since her youth, Stark has shown her passion for fishing. According to her profile on Instagram, she grew up with her parents in South Florida. Presently, Stark is unmarried, and information about her relationships in the past and the present remains secret. Moreover, she never even revealed having a boyfriend in her social media accounts. One thing is sure—she is busy building her fishing career.

Vicky Stark: Interesting Facts You Should Know (2024)
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