Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (2024)

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Gary Rose, Jonathan Jurejko, Jess Anderson and Lorraine McKenna

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  1. Post update

    That's it for our coverage of today's Commonwealth Games action but as ever we will be back bright and early tomorrow to bring you the events from day three.

    See you then!

  2. Coming up on day three

    Gold medals: 24

    Gymnastics: Women's and men's individual all-around

    Rugby sevens: Women and men

    Swimming: Women's 50m free, men's 200m fly, women's 200m breast, SB8 men's 100m breast, S8 women's 100m back, women's 100m back, men's 100m breast, S14 mixed 4x100m free relay, women's 4x200m free relay

    Track cycling: Men's tandem B sprint, women's tandem B time trial, women's points race, women's time trial, men's sprint, men's scratch race

    Triathlon: Women's and men's PTVI, mixed relay

    Weightlifting: Women's 59kg, men's 67kg, men's 73kg

  3. Scotland narrowly beaten by NZ

    FT: New Zealand 1-0 Scotland

    So close yet so far.

    Scotland battled hard against the mighty New Zealand, but they never really looked like scoring an equaliser in the final period.

    Nevertheless, there is a lot for the Scots to build on before a very winnable game against Kenya - the lowest ranked team in the competition - on Monday.

  4. Post update

    Women's artistic team final

    Commonwealth champions - England.

    A hard-fought final for the women's gymnastics team but all worth it to have those gold medals round their necks. And, of course, the bull teddy.

    Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (2)

    Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images

  5. Day two headlines

    Almost time for us to wrap things up here. Here are the main headlines from the second day of action in Birmingham:

    • Scotland's Duncan Scott passed England's Tom Dean to take a sensational 200m freestyle gold and added a bronze in the 400m individual medley
    • England won women's team gymnastics gold at the Commonwealth Games by edging out Australia in a tense final.
    • Ben Proud took home England's first swimming gold in the men's 50m butterfly
    • There have been silvers in the pool for England's Imogen Clark (50m breaststroke), Hannah Russell (S13 50m freestyle) & Scotland's Stephen Clegg (men's S13 50m freestyle)
    • Scotland's Jack Carlin won silver in the men's keirin final, fellow Scot Neah Evans claimed bronze in the women's 3000m pursuit and Wales' Emma Finucane secured bronze in women's sprint
    • England's Johnboy Smith won the men's T53/54 wheelchairmarathon race, but said team-mate DavidWeir "deserved gold"
    • England beat Sri Lanka by five wickets in their opening T20 cricket match
    • Defending champions England claimed a second netball win in two days, beating Malawi 66-41
    • England women thrashed Ghana 12-0 in their Commonwealth Games hockey Pool A opener, while Wales men beat Canada 5-1
    • England's Sophie Unwin has been fined for protestingagainst a decision to not award her a bronze medal despite finishing third
  6. Reports: Jackson to skip Commonwealths

    Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (3)

    GettyCopyright: Getty

    Jamaica's athletics team might have been hit by a high-profile withdrawal.

    Nothing official yet, but Andre Lowe of the Jamaica Observer says that world 200m champion Shericka Jackson has confirmed to the Jamaican team that she will skip Birmingham.

    He is not the only one. Another Jamaican outlet, SportsMax, says that she intends to run on the Diamond League circuit in Poland instead.

  7. England rue 'hardest draw'

    Table tennis women's team event

    Did England's women pay the price for not beating Nigeria in their final group match? Perhaps so.

    It meant they finished as runners-up behind Singapore and would face one of the group winners in the quarter-finals.

    That turned out to be Wales and England, who won bronze four years ago, lost 3-0.

    “It was very difficult, we probably had the hardest drawof the Commonwealth Games but well played to Wales, they played really well andgot through their group first," said England's Maria Tsaptsinos.

    “We had the hardest group, coming in as 12th seeds afterwinning bronze in 2018.

    “We had the number one seeds in our group and then Nigeria whowere probably the hardest of the other lot to beat and we put it all outagainst them this morning.

    "I think there was nothing left in the tank, to behonest.”

    Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (4)

    Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images

  8. ICYMI: Day two video highlights

  9. Wales beat England to reach semi-finals

    Table tennis women's team event

    Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (5)

    Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images

    The future is bright for Wales in women's table tennis. And the time might even be now.

    The Wales team includes two teenagers - Lara Whitton and Anna Hursey and is led by Charlotte Carey, who played in her first Commonwealth Games aged 14 but is now the 'old head' at the age of 26.

    Tomorrow they will be playing in the semi-finals after cruising to a 3-0 win over England this evening in the quarters.

    Chloe Thomas Wu Zhang and Hursey won the opening doubles before Carey and Hursey clinched victory by winning their singles rubbers.

    Now they play Malaysia on Sunday, knowing victory will secure at least a silver medal.

  10. Medal table

    Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (6)

    .Copyright: .

    Here's how things look on the medal table as day two nears its close.

  11. Hockey

    New Zealand 1-0 Scotland

    Scotland are digging deeper than the miners in the Fife coalfields.

    The hockey stars are going well into their physical and mental reserves as they try to cause a scene against defending champions New Zealand.

    Still 1-0 as we go into the final quarter.

    Tight, tense and all to play for.

  12. 'An honour to be a part of a dominant era'

    England's Tom Dean, who won two silver medals today: "It was always going to be a hell of a race. Duncan just said to me 1-2 again, it’s just what we do. 1 and 2 in the Worlds last year. 1 and 2 in the Commonwealth Games here. We’re in the prime age of 200m freestyle for GB and how much of an honour it is to be part of such a dominant era.

    "I can’t begin to tell you what the last 12 months have been like. I posted a video the other day, one year on from my family celebrating in the garden from that Olympic win. I watch it back and Duncan and I have won two again there so you know… 12 months on to do that again, I can’t really ask for much more."

    Bodes well for future relays? "100%. Not so much for our relays here, being on different teams, but we’re looking at World Championships 2023. Ultimately Paris 2024, that’s what it’s all about. We want to stamp our names as the 4 x200m country to beat, we beat the Americans last year. So few people can say they’ve achieved that feat. To be a part of that is incredible and the boys want to go to Paris and do it again."

    Competing with Scott: "Duncan’s always in good shape. Duncan could take a year out of the water and he’ll be in good shape, he’s an incredible athlete. He’s a natural born swimmer, natural born racer. So if there’s anyone to beat me, it’s an honour that it was him."

  13. Can these England pros play street cricket?

    England players Sophie Ecclestone, Danni Wyatt and Nat Sciver took on the best street cricketers in Birmingham in a warm-up match before the Games.

    Who bossed that? Watch this...

    Video content

  14. Gymnastics

    Women's artistic team final

    Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (7)

    Matt Baker

    Gymnastics commentator on BBC TV

    A different end to the competition than the start for Wales but they are very young team and it is incredible what they've achieved.

  15. Fiji at the rugby sevens double?

    Gareth Griffiths

    BBC Sport Wales in Coventry

    There we have it. Another 24 games today and 48 in total over two days with Sunday set to provide the medal places.

    Fiji remain on course for a Commonwealth Games rugby sevens double in Coventry.

    Fiji women's final opponents on Sunday will be Australia who beat defending champions New Zealand 17-12 in an enthralling semi-final.

    In the men's event, Olympic champions Fiji face New Zealand in the semi-final while South Africa play Australia in the other.

    Scotland, Wales and England will not be involved in any of the medal matches on the final day of competition.

  16. Silver medal - England

    Men's 4x100m freestyle relay final

    It is silver for England!

    Tom Dean pushed really hard but Australia produced a Games record time to take the gold.

    Canada take the bronze.

  17. Swimming

    Men's 4x100m freestyle relay final

    Australia swoop into the lead at the start of the final leg. All down to Tom Dean on this anchor leg to chase down Australia for the gold.

  18. Swimming

    Men's 4x100m freestyle relay final

    England are into the lead at the halfway stage, just ahead of Canada but Australia are pushing up from third.

    Incredibly tight.

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Watch: Commonwealth Games - Wales beat England (2024)


Why is it not Great Britain in the Commonwealth Games? ›

The most likely would be the origins of the Games themselves. The original iteration of the Commonwealth Games was known as the British Empire Games from 1930-1950. It made sense for countries within the Empire to be separated within the Games format to build up the sense of competition.

Why does Scotland not compete in the Olympics? ›

There is also precedent for this in other international sporting competitions, such as the football World Cup, in which Scotland fields its own teams. However, the Olympic Charter has a significant barrier to such a team: since 1995, the Olympic Charter has not allowed for the recognition of non-sovereign nations.

How many medals did England get in the Commonwealth Games? ›

Commonwealth. Games

Birmingham 2022 was Team England's most successful Games to date with a record-breaking 176 total medals including 58 gold medals, equalling the best haul set in Glasgow 2014.

Does Wales compete in the Commonwealth Games? ›

Wales are one of just six countries to have featured in every Commonwealth Games since it begun in 1930.

Why is America not in the Commonwealth Games? ›

The US follows a completely different system of government than Britain does. It has a Presidential Republic, rather than a Parliamentary Democracy. So that right there, to my understanding, means it cannot join the Commonwealth.

Why does China doesn't participate in Commonwealth Games? ›

Only those countries that are part of Commonwealth nations are eligible for participating in Commonwealth Games . From American continent countries like Canada, Saint Lucia and Jamaica are participating. Whereas China and USA are not part of Commonwealth nations so they are not participating in Commonwealth Games.

Why do England Scotland and Wales compete separately? ›

The United Kingdom's status not only as the inventor of football, but also as a pioneer of the international game, is why the four members of the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - are allowed to compete as separate national teams.

Why is the UK called GB? ›

The Treaty of Union specified the name of the new all-island state as "Great Britain", while describing it as "One Kingdom" and "the United Kingdom". To most historians, therefore, the all-island state that existed between 1707 and 1800 is either "Great Britain" or the "Kingdom of Great Britain".

Why does Great Britain compete in Olympics but not World Cup? ›

Unlike the World Cup and Euros, the Olympics are run by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The separate nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are registered together in the Olympics, thus Team GB is used.

Who will host the 2026 Commonwealth Games? ›

  • ^ "Games-Australian state to be confirmed 2026 Commonwealth Games host -report". ...
  • ^ Commonwealth Games set for Victoria, Australia, in 2026, from
  • ^ "CGF confirm Victoria, Australia as host of 2026 Commonwealth Games".

Is Canada part of the Commonwealth? ›

The modern Commonwealth is a values-based association of 56 countries, most with historic links to the United Kingdom and home to over 2.5 billion people over five continents. Canada first joined the British Commonwealth as an independent state in 1931.

What is the motto of the Commonwealth Games? ›

Games for Everyone

Which country does not participate in the Commonwealth Games? ›

The only Commonwealth members to have never taken part are Gabon and Togo, both of which joined the organisation in June 2022.

Are there 72 Commonwealth countries? ›

The Commonwealth of Nations, often simply referred to as the Commonwealth, is an international association of 56 member states, the vast majority of which are former territories of the British Empire from which it developed. They are connected through their use of the English language and historical-cultural ties.

What countries are trying to join the Commonwealth? ›

A Commonwealth of Republics

Ireland left never to return and Zimbabwe left and is now seeking to re-join. Other countries looking to join the commonwealth include South Sudan, Suriname, Burundi and the as-yet-unrecognized Somaliland. The combined population of the Commonwealth's member states is 2.4bn.

Why team GB and not England? ›

Great Britain only consists of England, Scotland, and Wales. 'Team UK' would be more inclusive and accurate, but Team GB is actually a nickname for the real name of the team – the 'Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic team'. The moniker Team GB originated in 1999 by the BOA for branding purposes.

Does Britain participate in the Commonwealth Games? ›

Only six national federations have participated in every Commonwealth Games: Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. Of these six, Australia, England, Canada and New Zealand have each won at least one gold medal in every Games.

Which country does not participate in Commonwealth Games? ›

The only Commonwealth members to have never taken part are Gabon and Togo, both of which joined the organisation in June 2022.

Are Britain and England the same country? ›

The United Kingdom (UK) is a country that consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The name Great Britain refers to the island on which most of the non-sovereign countries of England, Scotland, and Wales are situated.

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