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Full Service Sales

Here at The Arizona Tile Company, we want to give you the best possible customer service experience. And that starts with our in house sales staff. Each of our customers has a single, primary salesperson they can turn to for whatever needs, concerns, or questions that might come up and will be available on any future projects. That’s why we employ only friendly and knowledgeable people who you can count on from the initial planning stages all the way to maintenance and upkeep years after your installation and every step in between.

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Design Consultation

Choosing, let alone finalizing an overall look and style of your project can seem daunting given the wide selection of materials available to use. We can absolutely help with that! We stay up on the latest trends and styles in home remodeling and décor to be able to guide you to the exact look you’re after while maintaining a balance with all of the other elements involved with your home improvement.

Take Home Samples

With your initial visit, we’ll get a sense of the look you’re after and pick out a handful of sample options to send with you. No need to decide on a product right on the spot! We always recommend you take the samples home and look at them in different lighting during different times of the day to make sure color tones and styles stay on point with existing features. And you’re more than welcome to take your time with any of our pieces, no rush or obligation. You’ll able to take virtually anything you browse in our showroom home as a sample. All you have to do is ask!

On Site Measure and Assessment

The next step after narrowing down your selection, we need to get you an estimate! Your salesperson will be more than happy to schedule a time to come to your home and assess your project. Not only will we measure and get an accurate square footage, we’ll consider which way to orient your material if it isn’t sized as a square or has a grain or pattern. With the added benefit of our staff’s collective knowledge, there aren’t many situations we haven’t seen. We are able to easily identify potential issues and plan ahead to avoid delays and costly extras.

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Free Estimates

With markets being so competitive these days, it wouldn’t make sense to not give out free estimates! We can usually give a ballpark figure for most projects with just a few dimensions and a material allowance while browsing in store. Once we do your in home assessment and have a material selection, we can give you a to-the-penny figure of what it would cost to make your home improvement idea a reality. And fear not, if you feel your estimate exceeds your budget, we’d love to review it with you, show you some more economical alternatives, and discuss possible financing options we offer. Until we agree upon a final cost number, we can work and rework your project details to suit your finances. As soon as you’re satisfied with your estimate and are ready to move forward, we’ll take a 50% deposit. This allows us to order your materials and commit an installer to an agreed upon date if you choose to do your installation with us as well.

With installation, sometimes in construction projects, after getting started we may find that extra labor or material may be required to complete the job in the right way. But once committed to a dollar amount, that number will never go up without discussing it with you first, in full detail.

Quality Control

As anyone with experience in construction knows, it’s not an exact science. Sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan. There are any number of outside variables that can delay or alter a home improvement project. At Arizona Tile, we aim to make our involvement as smooth and seamless as possible because we know how important having your home back in one piece is to you. When we order materials, we request confirmations from our distributors and when we receive your shipment, we’ll check to make sure we’ve got the correct quantity, size, and color that you’ve paid for. If for some reason we receive the wrong materials, we’ll do everything we can to get you the right stuff as soon as possible while keeping you informed along the way. The same goes for our installations!

Feel free to ask your sales person any questions you might have about your installation before, during, or after your project. If you feel something has been installed not to your liking, we won’t hesitate to visit your home and discuss your concerns in person.

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Post Sale Service

You never can be quite sure what kind of service you’ll receive from a business after you’ve completed your transaction. Let us put your mind at ease! When you team up with Arizona Tile, be it for install or cash and carry, you become a customer for life. In our system, your name will be attached with your specific salesperson that you’ll be able to call on for future projects, questions on upkeep, or to schedule repairs on one of our installs if necessary, at zero cost to you.

From idea inception to project satisfaction, we’ll be with you along the way! Give us a try and see how we deliver an overall enjoyable shopping experience and customer care that’s second to none.

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We pride ourselves on the skill and craftsmanship of our installation services. You can rest easy knowing that Arizona Tile will give you exactly what you’ve paid for and done the right way. Not only that, but we give you a lifetime warranty that our install will hold up for the life of the product.

WHAT WE CAN DO | Arizona Tile (2024)
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